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Avencast: Rise of the Mage Demo 28/02/08 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Action meets magic in this RPG adventure

Elena Santos

  • Cool mixture of action and RPG
  • Different ways to controlling the character
  • Real-time battles and logic puzzles
  • Demo feels too short

In the magic kingdom of Aldgarth, demons tore up a dimension portal and invaded your academy. Now a forgotten demon army is about to descend on your world. Descend into the depths of a sunken civilisation, fight the mighty Demon Marshal Morgath, forged from the crystals of the Gods... and uncover the secret of your past!

See what this game features for you:

  • Challenging game play: Keyboard-and-mouse-based controls that enable skilful and dexterity-based special moves and combos
  • 50+ different combat moves and magic spells from three categories in two magic skill trees.
  • More than 40 unique 3d models of monsters and characters
  • A multitude of different enemies with a great variety of skills and strategies
  • Equip your character with more than 120 unique items including magic weapons and armours
  • Enchanting ambience in a detailed and charming 3d world - atmospheric moods through real-time soft shadows and impressively lit combat scenes through fascinating spell effects
  • Intriguing storyline in 3 Chapters
  • Multifaceted game play through riddles and quests that demand brain and dexterity
  • 360° free camera control without annoying auto adjustment

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